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I'm Ian Mah.
Aspiring Developer.

I’m a student based in Vancouver, BC developing solutions to modern day problems. I’m pursuing a BSc. of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. Currently looking for internships.


I Choose You

Place two Pokemon cards next to each other. I Choose You will identify the Pokemon and spawn in two AR Pokemon, with stats and attack moves. Command your Pokemon with voice commands such as “Squirtle, use water gun!”

Unity   C#   Vuforia   IBM Watson


A simple 2d platformer, with an emphasis on multi-platform support. Multiplayer handled using web sockets.

Node.js   Pixi.js   Socket.IO


Social media, for community gardens. Track your plants and see what other people are growing. Using the Microsoft Weather API and our Arduino sensor that detects soil moisture, set a watering schedule and set other tasks for community garden members.

React   Firebase   Microsoft Weather API


Using automation to help the gaming community connect with one another. Automatically share relevant gaming tweets to over 169k followers. Utilize Redis database and keyword filter system to combat spam.

Node.js   Redis   Heroku   Twitter API


Chatbot and custom chat commands to assist and automate growth on Twitch. Incentivized and gamified channel exploration to solve the toughest aspect of livestreaming: discovery. 5.8k followers.

Node.js   Twitch API

Request RT

Potentially TOS breaking app that automates microtransactions for Twitter influencers to sell actions such as retweets, tweets, shoutouts, and follows.

Node.js   Twitter API   PayPal API